Why First Coast Barter will help during Economic Times!!

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Hello Local Business

I want to say thanks for all you do for the community. Here at First Coast
Barter we take pride in the local businesses here in First Coast. Our goal
is to help everyone conserve their cash during this economic time period.
Getting exposure for your business and bringing in new clients is key to
meeting your yearly budgets. We want to take a minute and tell you how we
are partnering with local businesses like yours to help you meet the
expectations that you need to make it through these economic times.

1. Offer another venue of ways to accept payment, this will bring you
additional customers.
2. Get what you need or want for your business or personal life without
taking money out of your pocket.

During this economic time period it is tough for everyone to maintain a
steady cash flow. Banks are cutting back on financing and people are afraid
to spend their hard earned money which affects our businesses. First Coast
Barter will help you get through this time period.

A. Different avenue of accepting payments: Offer your product or
service to exclusive members and allow them to purchase with Trade Credits
instead of cash.

B. What is in it for You? Everytime you offer your product or service,
you receive trade credits for the value a customer would pay and that
can be used to get what you need or want.

C. Applying for Barter Credits is easy and interest free – Get the credit
you need to get the products and serveice you need. Use as incentives for
employee’s instead of paying cash!

Get Back to me , reply to this email or you can call number below!!!



Helping Business during these economic times!!

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Here at First Coast Barter we want to help you conserve your hard earned money. Join our network of over 40,000 business that have all agreed to barter/exchange their products and service. You can get what you need or want with Trade Credits instead of having to take money out of your wallet.  Join My blog

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